Donald Trump is a threat to America

It’s hard to admit that a former president of the United States poses an existential threat to American democracy but such is the case with Donald Trump. America has gone well past the days of making excuses for Trump’s behavior such as locker room talk, boys will be boys as the reason for the Access Hollywood comments. America chose to ignore his apparent conflicts of interest, his claims that he wasn’t violating emoluments clauses despite his excessive use paid for by taxpayers of Trump owned facilities . The idea that insulating him with professional bureaucrats who could smooth out his delivery while advancing his policy objectives didn’t work out for America either. Even though some of what Trump and his party wanted was implemented, judges, economic policies, international relations, it was still done with such heavy handedness that Trump was impeached twice, the only American president with that distinction.

The longer he goes untouched by all the institutions available to discipline an errant, abusive, criminal politician….and let’s be clear Trump is all those things, the worse he will become. Don’t believe it? His last rally in Texas is proof. At Texas rally, Trump all but promised a racially charged civil war if he’s indicted …………….is a headline of the Philadelphia Inquirer characterizing his remarks one Saturday night in Texas. In fact what Trump said was so inflammatory that a Georgia prosecutor sought advice, protection from the FBI. Let that sink in a minute. It’s not that she is just a prosecutor, an officer of the Court, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, the same oath that Trump once took. It’s that she’s a leftist, racist prosecutor, Trump’s words, of the court who’s abusing her power and coming after Trump and his supporters. The unspoken part is she is also black and that part implied before a crowd in a red Southern state was the punch in the gut he wanted to deliver. Trump and the GOP have decided that highly radicalized language designed to pit one distinct group of Americans against another is acceptable. Even more frightening is the expectation that one of those groups will fight the other in support of Trump. Let’s be clear, Trump et co aren’t talking figuratively about engaging in a fight about ideas and policy civilly through the ballot process, they are talking about fighting in the streets in much the same way they did on 01/06/2021. This is the threat he poses; he foments civil unrest at every chance he gets and promises those who heed the call that when restored to power he will abrogate their prosecution. This is why American institutions of government and the judiciary must prosecute Trump to the fullest extent of the law and they must do so expeditiously otherwise America as it has come to be known will cease to exist.

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