The day before Christmas and chaos still reigns

Today, December 24, 2020 is like any other day under the Trump administration. The number of people who died from covid related illness is still over 3,000. December 23 saw 3,411 Americans die from the Trump scourge. Even though pharma companies have responded quickly with providing a vaccine to stop the spread of Covid-19 there’s news that it’s not being implemented as quickly as forecast or should be. While over 9 million doses have been distributed throughout the country, only about a million doses have been administered. The death rate continues to climb…….

Congress has passed a covid relief bill albeit entirely inadequate that Trump has promptly sabotaged leaving millions of Americans without hope of a decent holiday season. By inserting himself so late in the process and claiming he wanted a relief package that included more money than the Congressional bill, Trump has given himself three choices on how this could play out; he could sign the bill against his own desires for a more substantial bill; he could veto the bill outright which would be returned to Congress to override the veto or he could put the bill in his pocket for 10 days unsigned until it is too late for it to be dealt with during the current legislative session which ends on January, 3rd. After that if there is to be any covid relief bill the new Congress would have to start the process all over again. Remember the House passed legislation in May that has only now been written as legislation. To add insult to injury Trump has left town leaving Congress to send him their legislation there and hope for the best. Did I mention that along with the covid relief bill there was a omnibus spending bill attached that Trump is threatening to veto meaning the potential exists for a government shutdown? The irony is had such a prospect been suggested, that government be shutdown to fight the Corona virus, no one in the Administration would have agreed to proceed in the way Trump has now. Whatever the outcome there are too many in Washington who don’t sense the urgency of helping their fellow citizens and are quite comfortable not doing anything for now. Meanwhile people are without food, energy, drowning in financial insecurity.

How many Trump supporters who wanted to take back Christmas from……who or what ever…..could have thought that their President Trump was the one who stole Christmas from millions of Americans and in the process made the lives of an entire country miserable.

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