How much more can America take

Remember this?

That was back during the FIRST Trump impeachment. Schiff nailed it, prescient like when he said Trump can’t be trusted and if left undisciplined, unscathed, unpunished would resort to scandal again and here we are two years later and the Trump scandal machine rolls inexorably towards causing the demise of America.

I’m willing to bet most people don’t even remember all the havoc Trump caused before his first impeachment. How he gutted DOJ, fired people in the FBI, raked in money through his businesses that left for sale signs out for anyone, including enemies of the State, with something they wanted from him or how he courted American adversaries at the expense of decades long allies and on and on and on. Not many remember how he snatched children from their parents at the southern border and demonized other peoples of color to raucous applause at the many rallies he held. No one is as photogenic as ‘orange jesus’.

That is the chaos of Trump’s term in office. He’s too used to this kind of chaos. He’s lived through and caused it all his life. Imagine that America elected as president a man who almost 49 years ago was sued by the very government he became president of; who has defaulted on bank loans, filed for bankruptcy, yet while running for office managed to convince the world that all his failures were a good thing that made him qualified for office. Everyone should know his record as a candidate for office and as POTUS, right? Anything sterling or meritorious about the job he did?

Now we sit on the edge of our seats at the latest scandal he took classified information, boxes full of it, down to his residence(s) and left it unsecured. Some suggest that information included nuclear secrets of the very limited number of the world’s nuclear powers and he held that information until he was forced to, or rather until it was taken from him after being in his possession for 18 months AND after he failed to honor the negotiations he forced the government he once headed to have with him over it all. Oh, I forgot to mention the insurrection he led back in 2021. Of course I could insert it at a more appropriate point in this piece but I mention it now only because there’s so much going on with this ONE man that sometimes one can’t grasp it all. You are forced to block some things out because the mind can’t conceive an American president would lead a coup against his country or attempt to subvert free and fair elections in order to stay in power or as this latest bit of news suggests use American secrets for nefarious purposes.

While all this has happened we wonder what if anything America’s justice system will do to reign in Trump. How long will the country engage in excuses to delay bringing to justice a man so committed to breaking the law? The latest excuse advanced these days is the investigation into Trump’s pilfering state secrets should be suspended until after the midterm elections….even though Trump is not running for office. We’ve already seen how he was able to get a pliant district court judge he appointed to the bench impede the investigatory process with so many insane legal remedies that might wind up having to be addressed by SCOTUS, present judicial successes notwithstanding, that could take years to untangle.

So, how long America can we take this endless exposure to Trump scandal? They speak to his character. This is his life and this is how he has forced us to live. Schiff two years ago said ‘enough is enough’. Why hasn’t it been?