So you want to open up because you’re tired of Covid?

Peoople have become tired of Covid-19. I am too. I drive to an establishment, get out of my car and halfway to the door forget to put on my mask and have to run back to get it. Parents are tired of insisting their children wear masks at school, or so they say and are asking school boards to rescind mask mandates. The things Americans put employees who work at places that ask patrons to wear masks through is unconscionable. Our sons and daughters should not have to bear the brunt of uncontrollable and sometimes feigned rage of people who don’t want to wear a mask.

I am writing this on a Thursday in the second week of February when the seven day average for new covid cases is over 225,000 and the day before, yesterday saw 3,570 Americans die from the virus. If those numbers are acceptable to you America, then open up. I am fed up with your reluctance to do what’s right in the face of a raging pandemic.

Covid has become a stick which politicians and others hostile to the interest of the country have used to destroy our social fabric. Take that power from them; remove the government mandates so that folks with ill intent are no longer able to hold the country hostage. However, the federal government must maintain a role in dealing with this pandemic…because it’s still very much a pandemic which is defined by the CDC as a disease that affects the global population and are usually caused by new infectious agents (bacteria or viruses) that spread quickly.

Incentivize government resources to those places like schools, hospitals and businesses that follow CDC guidelines and recommendations. Make testing and vaccinations available for free in those areas that follow them. School systems that institute social distancing regulations in their facilities should be provided with the resources, funding, etc they need to do that. Those school systems that follow said guidelines are controlled by local school boards that initiate those policies not the federal government, thereby giving local control to policy makers which is what parents yell and scream at school board meetings they want.

Barely three weeks ago, hospitals were faced with this

Nationwide, daily COVID-19 hospitalizations are up about 33% this week from the week before and more than 155,000 people are hospitalized with COVID-19, well above the record set last winter.

Health care systems that set up a triage system that deals as much as humanely possible with the effects the pandemic has on their resources should receive the lion’s share of federal government assistance. That may mean un-vaccinated people, the ones who are clogging up emergency rooms, infecting health care providers which further jams up the system get pushed to the back of the line in terms of treatment but so be it. Perhaps the government can suggest procedures and reward systems that use them and for those who don’t and are inundated in ways that the article above mentions, well….ok…figure it out.

More people in 21st century America have died from covid than died in what I call pre-historic 20th century America during the 1918 pandemic. All the technology and advancement in medicine could not protect us from our stubbornness and the inclination of unscrupulous politicians to fight their opponents through the politicization of a medical pandemic. I’ve come to the conclusion, natural selection is the course to pursue at this stage in the pandemic. Let nature take its course and I say so with a bit of irony. We as a country are too immature to live prudently during times of national emergencies so let’s throw caution to the wind and OPEN UP AMERICA.

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