Meanwhile back in America

On the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine comes two current news articles that remind me this is America and this is who we are. Any one who thinks todays Republican party has anything positive to offer American citizens should be ashamed to think that way. There are still too many GOP politicians who say the 2020 elections were stolen and that there was no evidence of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump in the 2016 elections despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The fact the Party would actively involve itself in a way that would damage the interests, public health and safety of its constituents and even the national interests of America is some thing many would consider unfathomable.

If you live in the state of Texas that would be an incorrect assumption if not a life threatening one and here’s why

The former head of the Texas power grid on Wednesday testified that he was ordered by Gov. Greg Abbott to keep power prices at the maximum price cap during last winter’s winter storm……Power prices were kept at the maximum of $9,000 per megawatt hour, more than 150 times normal prices, during last winter’s storm.

Such outrageous pricing forced the bankruptcy of the utility  electric co-op Brazos Electric….an unintended consequence but there is little doubt the people of Texas faced a major inconvenience during the winter of 2021. On the heels of that tragedy however comes news of people who wanted to benefit from it and put America in the throes of a race war by attacking power grids throughout the United States. One of the conspirators in this scheme was from Texas and the aim of the three of them charged was to sow chaos by attacking regional electrical substations, expecting “the damage would lead to economic distress and civil unrest.”

Timothy McVeigh

Economic distress for the customers on Texas’ electricity grid was real in the winter of 2021 but luckily for America not yet the civil unrest. That wasn’t for lack of the Abbott administration trying. It later emerged that the utility commission paid little attention to taking measures necessary to prevent disruption of service to Texans and even a year later people in north Texas faced disruption of power as winter storm after winter storm moved through the area. Government must insure people have access to affordable utilities for their residences. Not doing so promotes discontent, dissatisfaction and disaffection with government. People in government and especially Republican government and her big business allies deflect such public outcry by pitting one group of people against another and so the conspirators of the above plot probably realized the potential their plan had in todays America.

Dylann Roof

Frankly there are too many criminally insane people who are willing to exploit the tinder box of America’s racial problems. We are lucky the three above weren’t successful but it only takes one person and one event to set America’s racial hotbed off. Timothy McVeigh tried back in the 90s with catastrophic results. Dylann Roof tried in 2015 when he killed nine people in their church because he believed white people are superior and that he had to kill black people in order to agitate race relations. In other words his aim was to start a race war. Six years separate him from his three co-defendants in crime meanwhile America and her politicians continue to provide every opportunity for them to diminish the power and vibrancy of the country with lies and the lack of courage to confront problems with real solutions. When will this stop?