Israeli occupation worse than apartheid

It all started back in November, 1975 when the cry went out from the UN that zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination and that cry has been resonating ever since. For those who live under Israeli occupation it is no secret their lives are a living hell, but now others who have lived under similar conditions are stepping forth to say what the Palestinians are living under is even worse than their former oppression. One of the more prominent among them Bishop Desmond Tutu has spoken out against Israeli apartheid as early as 2002, when he said,

“it (Israeli treatment of Palestinians) reminded me so much of what happened to us black people in South Africa.”

More recently another group of people back from a visit to the occupied territories has said the same thing, that Israeli occupation is worse than South African apartheid ever was. That should come as no surprise as Israel and South Africa had warm relations during the early ’70s and ’80s with some even speculating that Israel was responsible for South Africa’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. A pariah state such as South Africa could only find allies in states equally oppressive towards its indigenous citizens and the fact that Israel counted itself such an ally is telling. Life for Palestinians in occupied Palestine when witnessed without the Israeli filter is a study in the art of oppression. Let us hope their struggle will also parallel the struggle of South Africans with the conclusion being a free, sovereign and viable Palestine.