Onward Christian soldiers

While browsing the news a couple of items caught my attention. Fellow blogger Xymphora has talked consistently about the war for the Jews being carried out in Iraq and which ultimately will take place in other areas of the Middle East. I see the connection in bits and spurts of news coming from that part of the world, and this latest news really underscores what Xymphora says. Many American soldiers are beginning to see the senselessness of the war in Iraq, the unholiness of murder, and since WMDs were not found in Iraq many understand fighting there is not self defense, as they were led to believe when they signed up and went there. Many have turned to suicide, others to drugs, others to religion and some as the story linked to above away from religion. What I found interesting about young Jeremy Hall’s conversion was his statement that the United States military has become a Christian organization and therefore he has found himself at the brunt end of it’s anger just as the Iraqi Muslims he was fighting. He’s been discharged and is now suing the Defense Department.

It was the Defense Department’s policy wonks, notably Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Doug Feith, et.al who lied the United States into fighting the Iraqis and the American military on the ground saw first hand the reality that Iraq was NOT a threat to America. To some who served there, Iraq became an ‘atrocity producing situation’, something we’ve written about here at Miscellany101 and it stands to reason; people have figured out the lie and it’s frustrating trying to rationalize the irrational. The WOT, or the war for the Jews, however is being fought on many fronts and the other bit of news which caught my attention is Juan Cole’s piece in Salon which talks about the Justice Deptartment’s new policy that will profile Muslims just because of their religious beliefs. Yes, Muslims must take their place as the dispossessed on the American landscape, just like the Indians, women, Africans, Japanese and others before them but it’s still troubling that after so many examples in American history, government has yet to learn that it functions best when it’s an instrument which enhances human potential by removing barriers not by erecting them.