Quote of the day

Perhaps this maybe a feature of the blog, like the No Comment photo editorial which is posted without any accompanying script.  I may add a line or two about today’s quote which I ran across from Undernews’ July 10 edition.

To say I’ve been disappointed in Obama is an understatement.  His vote granting telecommunications companies immunity from prosecution for bowing to the pressure of a menacing federal government really bothered me. It appears it bothered others too.  I’ve also been frustrated with his position on the Iraq war and his inability to stand up to the Islamphobes who are tailing him and his campaign.  So I post the quote and give a hat tip to Undernews.

Obama, the corporate-owned Democrat Party, and the corporate media are performing their roles perfectly: taking the energies of dissent in the U.S. and steering them into a dead end.

Propelling the propaganda, part deux

The US administration has asked Americans to sacrifice their lives to fight the war on terror, while it tries to keep them deprived of information particularly about the failures of that war. The leaders are smart enough to remember the lessons from the Vietnam war in terms of how to spin war while keeping enthusiasm high for warmongering, but they weren’t smart enough to keep us out of a losing proposition. Any and all images which depict the human suffering of the war are kept out of the media because such images tend to evoke the emotions that are as self-preserving, instinctual as self defense because this administration, in fact the federal government of the United States is consumed with the notion of war and it needs all able bodied people it can muster to fight, even when that fight is not in the best interest of the people.

So, the news that people want to bring to America that truly reflects the costs of war has to be suppressed. What I found interesting about this story of the public affairs director of Arlington Cemetery was even after she secured the permission of the families of those being buried in Arlington, the Army tried to limit access to such funerals even though such limitations were baseless. I love how people want your enthusiasm, your patriotism, but only on their terms. Support the troops has been the battle cry for this war, yet the reality is so much more different. Hiding behind empty slogans is not characteristic of a great Republic, but rather of a banana republic.

Divine Revenge

Islamophobes would have you believe such a headline as the one above would issue from the hearts and minds of Muslims, but today’s news highlights that is not the case. Phony wars bring out the worse in a society; the realization that lives are being sacrificed and lost for anything less than a noble cause sometimes brings on a certain blood lust that is difficult to satisfy. Fringe elements pop up and take center stage for their 15 minutes of fame only to be moved out by someone or something more sinister and diabolical or stupid and dangerous.

So this news about a group of Christians who are celebrating the death of an Army specialist because war casualties are divine revenge for America tolerating gays and lesbians should come as no surprise in an America consumed with death, destruction and the war on terror. It didn’t help that Army specialist that she was pregnant when she was killed, not on a distant battlefield, but rather the one on/in the homefront. Ironies are all over the place with this story. Westboro Baptist Church proclaims God Hates the US military, contrary to the claims of others that the US military is on a mission to stamp out evil, or words to that effect, uttered by the President. (One of the ironies then is that the most proselytizing Army in America’s history is viewed by some as antithetical to Christian morality?) But according to Westboro, God hates everything about America including California.

It’s no doubt this is a fringe group of Christians, but they speak what other more main stream Christians probably feel. I know I’m using the term “mainstream” loosely. Many of America’s finest Christian leaders have said things that are in close proximity to what appears on Westboro’s website. Fortunately, there are no cries from anyone calling for Christiandom to reject the obscene theology of this group of heretics, like there are whenever something is done by people calling themselves “Muslims” or done in the name of “Islam”. When such atrocities are done with an Islamic favor, no amount of denial or denouncement done by any number of Muslims is enough to satisfy the racism that paints Islam with the broad brush of the actions of just a very few. So that’s the other irony I take from this news story. Somehow, people are reasonable enough to understand Westboro is a house of cards, a church of kooks, and the best way to deal with them is to laugh at them, or ignore them, and move on as a society, not getting obsessed with them. I have had my laugh at them; take a look at their website and you will too, I hope.