Trump in trouble for meeting with anti-semites and white supremacists is nothing new and we should stop pretending it is. We should also stop demanding the GOP denounce him when it is the Party of white supremacy and white Christian evangelism

The GOP has been in the gutter for a long time. The difference between the Party of old and the GOP of today is in how well they look and sound in suits. When the Republican Party was a legitimate party people wore suits that made them look human. They were able to sound intelligent as they explained cogently ideas that some consider antithetical to American interests. Today, however, suits on Republicans are like putting lipstick on pigs. No where was that more apparent than with Donald Trump.

Trump’s ascendancy in the GOP was a trial balloon sent afloat by America’s monied interests who wanted to see just how much of a belligerent, disruptive, despicable politician the people would tolerate. Someone who could convince people to go along with the GOP’s equally objectionable agenda of consolidating wealth in the hands of an increasingly smaller percentage of the public while denying the majority of Americans access to opportunities a democratic society affords. The conventional playbook of pitting one group of people against the other, divide and conquer, has become increasingly difficult because of American diversity.

Trump was brought on board to entertain, amuse and even infuriate us while distracting from the real agenda of the GOP which is unbridled wealth acquisition among the country’s largest companies. Every member of the GOP is on board with that policy. Every last one. Republicans may not like the associates like Nick Fuentes and Kanye West Trump brings on board to keep his brand relevant but they have no doubt about his committment to their cause as long as his allies don’t diminish the base they need to stay in power.

Fuentes and Ye represent not only Trump’s friends and associates but the base of the Republican Party. The only difference between Trump and the GOP is in how palatable they can make their fecal objectives taste to the public at large and how good they can look while doing it. Republicans have looked pretty good in the past convincing the public they’re acting in the interests of the American people. However Trump reaching back to enlist the help of a 24 year old white supremacist college drop out and a 45 year old black rapper anti-Semite is enough to restrain even the most authoritarian Republican from giving Donald Trump the enthusiastic sycophantic praise he was used to receiving while holder of the most powerful office in the world.

Republicans have forgotten that Trump’s ability to withstand attack pales in his ability to give it. The base they share which consists of the likes of Fuentes and anti-semites, black and white will keep them in synch with one another. Republicans need Trump just as much as he needs their affirmation. Either they give one another what they need or as Lindsay Graham once said Trump will spell the end of the Republican Party.

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