Now that Trump has found himself in the American spotlight the only way to expunge him from it is through his political or natural death. #notmyPresident #NeverTrumper

Please note unlike Trump supporters who when they speak of death or acts that lead to it like ‘hand Mike Pense’ and mean it in the literal sense, the natural death I’m referring to for Trump would come from eating one too many McDonald’s combo meals and dying from obesity or the type of suffocation that comes from telling so many lies that his nose has grown long enough for him to become top heavy and fallen face first onto the ground. Remember Trump had over 30K lies attributed to him at the end of his first term in office and that number has only increased in the two years since. So then, natural death for Trump is his passing away by his own hands and because his time was up.

With that out of the way his political death was impending after the 2022 midterms. Because the GOP didn’t do as well as expected and certainly Trump’s endorsed candidates did rather poorly there were calls by Republicans to get him out of the way. Those who called for him to move forgot Trump is the ultimate narcissist and it was never about what’s good for the Party as much as what satisfies his ego so despite the poor showing of his candidates Trump chose to announce his own candidacy for president in 2024 ONE WEEK later!

That however is what one should expect from a narcissist but what was not expected comes from main stream media and the fact that 2 cable news networks covered the twice impeached, under investigation, former president’s announcement and with that resuscitated Trump’s political career. Any momentum that may have gathered to push Trump out of the way was turned on its head into pushing him back into the spotlight. This was a repeat of Trump in 2015 when he became prominent due to the extraordinary media coverage he received, almost all of it misplaced. He didn’t deserve it but captialized because of it to go on and become POTUS with disastrous results for the country.

Main stream media has to shift its focus from Trump the political newsmaker to Trump the criminal, disgraced, felonious fraud that he has always been. Media also has to stop looking at Trump as a cash cow. It was media’s coverage early on in his political campaigning that profitted greatly from ringing his bell, getting the attention of viewers and readers and generating revenue from a profane, vulgar, political neophyte. However as a former POTUS who had access to sensitive, classified information and America’s military and law enforcement arsenals at his disposal Trump has become an existential threat to American democracy and that should be the prism with which he is viewed.

In the same days before and after the mid term election and Trump’s announcement he would seek office again came news from his own mouth that he used his office to garner a win for a potential opponent for the Republican nomination for President, Ron DeSantis. Certainly newsworthy but not to be outdone by that came a report that Trump weaponized the IRS to go after political opponents and there’s still the mystery of what has happened to the investigation into documents stolen from the government and secreted at Mar-O-Lago and possibly places beyond. No doubt there are countless other stories of Trump scandal that should be written about and explored that are far more meaningful than his return to politics. How can anyone decide whether to vote for him again without answers to these questions and why would a discussion of these issues become obscured with coverage of Trump rallies and the false imagery they are meant by design to convey.

Removing the coverage of Trump’s appearance before throngs of admiring fans adorned in colorful attire from the country’s airwaves and electronic/print venues would probably be the stake in Trump’s heart. He needs that kind of attention to feed his narcissim. Don’t forget in the 90s he would call reporters of various NYC outlets in a disguised voice claiming to be someone to talk about how great “Donald Trump” was or the many utterly comical superlatives he gives himself such as ‘the world’s greatest person’, or ‘there is nobody bigger or better at the military’ than he and on and on goes the ridiculous nature of Trump when left unchallenged. Which is why he should not be allowed to dictate how he is viewed. We know the face he will portray. He is cruel, ignorant, belligerent, a liar, a fraud, a thief, and possibly a traitor but he cannot and should not be viewed ever again as an American politician or political candidate. In order for that to happen and to hasten his political demise he shouldn’t be given coverage that views him in that light ever again. Can an industry that’s built on profit afford to do that? Is American democracy that important?

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