I hate to break it to you but

America is going through another one of its periods where its fascist tendencies surpass, overpower its better ambitions of being a democracy. This is the 21st century version, 5.01. What I find laughable are all the pundits who want to imply America is approaching this troubling era by saying how the Nation has embraced a particular fascist trait like book banning but hasn’t quite reached it yet so we’d better stop sliding toward that trend……

I hate to break it to us, America, but book banning like racism is as American as apple pie and titles we so often quote today to underscore where America is were on someone’s list for us not to read in our not too distant past. Americans don’t like dealing with uncomfortable aspects of our past and present and would much rather push them off as far away as possible from society’s radar

since last year, 37 states have introduced or passed legislation that puts constraints on what can be taught about racism, sexism and inequality

When it comes to people of color, American Fascism 5.01 goes hog wild in its attempts at limiting what people say about their experience and their histories in this country. People as innocent as track star Wilma Rudolph who spoke of the racism she faced while growing up had her voice challenged by a school district in of all places Texas because of course we don’t like to be uncomfortable about our past.

So as long as America refuses to deal with its  long standing authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and the economy let’s be clear it is in the updated version, 5.01 of American fascism.

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