It keeps getting worse

Thinking about the prospect of a Trump presidency is scary enough but when you consider baggage like this it gets even worse.

The second-largest private prison company in America made an illegal $100,000 donation to a Super PAC supporting Donald Trump…….

A subsidiary of the GEO Group, which runs 64 prisons and jails around the country,made the donation in August to Rebuilding America Now, the primary PAC backing the Republican nominee that’s already raised upwards of $20 million for his campaign. The donation allegedly violated a law banning federal contractors from making federal political donations while in negotiations for a contract.

GEO Corrections Holdings Inc. made the $100,000 donation on August 19, just one day after the Department of Justice announced that it would phase out its private prisons, 

Of course a Trump presidency would be beholden to the prison industrial complex by filling it with the likes of people Trump has denounced during his long, arduous campaign… the Mexicans, the African Americans, the Muslims in other words every group of people besides white males. Did I mention women who might have an abortion? And let’s not forget those Trump plans to sue for writing anything he alone might consider litigious. This is what we sign up for if he’s elected. Are you ready for that America?

One way of combating Donald Trump’s Islamophobia

I have to give the woman pictured below credit for her courage dealing with America’s rabid hatred of her own Muslim citizens. Muslims are another item this country has put on the dietary plate of people to hate and vilify. In the photo Rose Hamid  is being ejected from a Trump rally just for being there unobtrusively and peacefully while handing out flowersand a pen with the name of her website printed on the pen. In other words she was denied her rights to peaceful assembly. You can read more about her here. This I submit America is a harbinger of our future under a Trump presidency.