The American woman of today

I was thinking when I first saw this video it was a college student…..little did I know then that it was a married mother of three sons who was behaving like an inebriated, emotionally disturbed college coed just a little excited about the game she was watching.  However it leads me to ask what has happened to the American woman and why has she become so vulgar.

…and if you think this is bad, which I would agree with you it is, there’s this bit of news of a young woman sentenced for dancing provocatively at the Martin Luther King gravesite in Atlanta.  Twerking is what it’s called today and where it was seen in seedy, dimly lit clubs off the beaten path in cities across the country it seems it’s becoming more prevalent as a form of social expression.

twerkingOf course the haters came out to weigh in on this last piece of news, accusing President Obama of all people.  When and where does it all end?  What’s next America?!?!

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