Israel’s misplaced priorities

According to those who know, the folks pictured here are more of an existential threat to Israel than Iran.

Ynet reports (fuller Hebrew version) that Ephraim Halevy, a former Mossad director, said yesterday that Iran poses no “existential threat” to Israel and that attacking it must truly be a last resort.  Anyone considering such a strike must realize that it would impact not just Israel, but the entire region for the next 100 years.  If this was all Halevy said it would be important, but mere reinforcement of views already expressed forcefully by Meir Dagan, the most recent past Mossad chief.  What renders the former’s views even more interesting is that he identifies what he considers an even greater existential threat to Israel: the Haredim

Unfortunately such dire talk of the consequences of war with Iran and the more likely internal threat, much like what we face here in America, of a fifth column so ideologically extreme that it is parasitic in nature is not enough to scare Israeli leadership from wanting to go to war with Iran.  Now that America is planning to withdraw from Iraq, some see the vacuum such a withdrawal brings as a golden opportunity to start another war.  The war drums being beaten have reached a crescendo even as the world awaits word from the IAEA about Iran’s nuclear intentions, which has previously signaled a nuclear inert Iran.  Of course, Israel would love America to fight its battles; that has always been the way of business for the client state.

The present American administration, facing an increasingly rabid and conservative opposition from the GOP and always on the defense to prove its bona fides to a suspecting and doubtful electorate, might find itself easy  prey to the idea of invading another Muslim country in order to secure the American homeland as well as the Israeli one.  It’s not surprising Israel is beating the war drums; it always has and always will.  What’s surprising is that anyone, after the last decade, is listening to them. What anyone who does needs to tell them the Israelis they need to get their own house in order.


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