Trouble spelled P-E-R-R-Y

Rick Perry, governor of Texas is trouble, no matter how you look at it.  He’s trouble for non-Christians and Christians alike, especially after his recent announcements here where he encroaches on everyone’s constitutional right to freedom of religion by proclaiming ‘there’s hope if people will seek out the living Christ.’ One can only guess what happens if you don’t seek out Christ….despair, hopelessness, darkness…..which leads me to Perry’s other troubling announcement, where he likens himself to a prophet!?!  So Prophet Perry wants to convert you to the living Christ, and refusing to accept his invitation means what for you the citizen of Texas and/or the United States?  Does this imagery come to mind to any of you, from a time when someone else maybe foisted upon  himself such divinity?


2 thoughts on “Trouble spelled P-E-R-R-Y”

  1. In this world we will find murder, chaos, and trouble in every shade of hatred. It spills out it’s sticky substance on all humanity. And in every fold of man we will find evil corruption. We are forced, by the nature of our world, to choose what is best from what is worst. And so our plight will continue. We don’t vote for the best. We vote for the best of the worst.

    I consider the field available. What do I see? I see the horrors of selfishness on the horizion. The next president will not do any better than the last. Even if this next is Obama. So we are left with a bad choice, from the bad choices which will be presented to our table of society.

    We eat, then, from what is provided. And we will all certainly be forced to eat. The hunger of society demands a leader. I would rather eat, however, from the table of one who at least cleans the dishes. If we must be led by someone, I would rather it be someone who proposes we turn from evil and reach our filthy hands toward God. At least, in that choice, a standard appears which calls for an end to hatred. And this calling is directed to each individual. While it ignores the general flavor of humanity.

    This is my choice. You have yours. Just dropping a dime to help bring clarity to calamity. Regardless what happens, we appear to be in a ship called “trouble” together. At least, in Christianity, we have the framework of hope.

    By His Grace.

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