‘Nuff Said!

I have the “No Comment” section but this video deserves a comment and an ‘attaboy. Cardinal McCarrick has gone on record, when others have shirked the responsibility of calling for justice, in calling for the equal rights of  Muslim Americans like any other religious group in America.  His statement was clear and unequivocal in asserting that Muslim Americans have the same rights as any other religious group.  For many that statement is a given, but in today’s America hatred has relieved people of their moral compass and courage and too many have decided to stay silent in the face of bigotry’s steamrolling over the American conscience.  I am happy that there are still a few people who, to paraphrase Sarah Palin, have decided to ‘put their man pants on’ and face the problem of religious bigotry head on.  For that reason merely posting this video under the No Comment doesn’t do  justice to the Message.  The Cardinal deserves a heart felt thanks from the rest of us who have decided to sit this battle out; perhaps what he says here will give one the push they need to join the fracas.  There’s a lot of work to do before we can say America has realized its potential.

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