Europe’s Bad Muslim Terrorism Problem

Statistically, if you’re an Islamophobe, it’s even worse than America’s militant, jihadist, Islamofascist problem which was documented by the federal government as being 6% of all terrorism related attacks on America and American interests over the last 20 years!  According to Europol, the European Law Enforcement Agency which aims at improving the effectiveness and co–operation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combating terrorism for the last three years, of the 1596 acts of terrorism committed on the shores of European countries only 5 were related to acts committed by Muslims or which could be considered Islamic.  5! Doing the math means .3% of all Europe’s terrorism was committed by Muslims.  .3%! Yet there are still people, many of whom, unlike Miscellany101, who make a lot of money telling you the threat is catastrophic and existential in nature  to Europe.

Interestingly enough, for the year 2008 Europol  reveals that 18% of all arrests on terrorism charges were of Muslims who then made up 50% of the convictions for terrorism related charges.  The disparity in both the numbers arrested and the actual acts of terrorism committed versus the number of convictions makes a good case for how well fear contributes to the running of countries and setting of policy.  The next time someone comes to you with images of Islamic bogeymen lurking around every corner….pinch yourself and wake up from your slumber.  It’s only a dream.  Hat-tip to

2 thoughts on “Europe’s Bad Muslim Terrorism Problem”

  1. The great majority of European terrorists attacks are to do with separatism (Basques and Corsicans) and most of these are aimed at property and even then targeted at particular classes of owners. The same goes for the animal rights people and leftists who make up the rest!

    -Quote- “ ….. targets of Corsican separatist terrorist groups are holiday apartments and houses. In addition, cars of non-Corsican residents and real estate agencies renting holiday houses were attacked” -Unquote-

    Now compare that with the Islamic underpants bomber who wanted to bring down an airliner with 300 innocent people on board over Detroit, a major city, and kill hundreds, if not thousands more.

    This is the defining characteristic of Islamic terrorism, the mass murder of thousands of innocents.

    A single successful Islamic attack could be 100 times greater than what the separatists and animal rights nutters have done in decades!

    Get some perspective!

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