The Iranians pull a fast one

tortureIran has gone on record to say anti-government protestors were tortured by officials of the government who have since been disciplined.  In clear unambiguous language, the Iranians said, ‘ “mistakes” had led to a few “painful accidents which cannot be defended, and those who were involved should be punished.” Throwing the ball in the American court for a demonstration of government accountability can only leave Americans playing hot potato.  What can American officials say to the Iranian government’s announcement?  Bad Iranians?  Ours is still a government that CANNOT conclude whether torture was even done by members of the Bush government let alone decide on a form of punishment for torturers.  In fact, the case of Iranians torturing other Iranians who were threatening, or demonstrating depending on which side of the fence you’re sitting, is more legitimate in the rationalizing/legitimizing of torture in that it was done against those who directly affected the Iranian social order as opposed to Americans who tortured and or  rendered non Americans on foreign soil who posed no direct threat to Americans or American interests.  I note that in the article linked  above there is no reference to America’s response to the declaration from Iran.  In effect the Iranians have muted America’s response to Iranian excesses after their disputed elections by outdoing the Americans in the rule of law department.  We’re left struggling for clear leadership for even clearer situations where criminal behavior has occurred and needs to be punished.

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