Europe’s Hitler Moment Relived

fascismThe Europeans are getting all uptight about the Muslim presence on their soil and are reacting pretty much like they did during the middle of the 20th century with their racist diatribe against Jews.

Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it.

The numbers are startling. Only 3.2 per cent of Spain’s population was foreign-born in 1998. In 2007 it was 13.4 per cent. Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015. In Brussels, the top seven baby boys’ names recently were Mohamed, Adam, Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

As is with so much else about racial histrionics, a lot of what is being bandied about in Europe is untrue, unproven, distorted, etc. You can find a pretty comprehensive debunking of the “claims” of the racists here. One should pay particular attention to parties and party hacks who spout this racist nonsense and work hard through the electoral process to prevent the prevalence of such notions to influence government policy.  Stay tuned for similar garbage to infest America’s shores.

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