What do White Supremacists and Israel have in common?

If you are Jewish it’s safe haven in Israel.  I found this interesting story of an American whose brush with American law enforcement included racist assault, setting fire to vehicles belonging to federal agents and a series of violent incidents.  How does a neo-Nazi supremacist find common ground with the Jewish state?  How does a “neo-Nazi” fall in love with and father a child by an Israeli Jew?  Mayon was given a one month tourist visa to stay in Israel back in ’07 and stayed on until caught a few days ago.  Needing a valid passport at least six months old to travel to Israel, how does a man on the FBI’s most wanted list enter the Jewish state undetected and then live there for 17 months while his parents send him money to “make ends meet”?  What led to Mayon’s downfall was the conscious of his pregnant girlfriend who upon learning he was a racist supremacist turned him in to authorities.  Word has it Mayon is fighting his extradiction to America based on his impregnating the young lady, and it will be interesting to see how far this appeal to Israeli courts gets.  If tribal justice applies, Mayon won’t be returned to the US.

2 thoughts on “What do White Supremacists and Israel have in common?”

  1. well, im from the area this guy is. and i wanted to correct a few things. he didnt knock up and israeli, he wasnt brought down by one either. he was noticed by a girl who was visiting from the us, and someone told her in israel that he was on americas most wanted. when she got home she looked it up called her dad for advice then called it in.

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