Americans Punked by the Israeli War Machine

MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CLASHESIt’s sad to see how helpless Americans feel when they try to help Palestinians and have to deal with the Israeli government instead.  Placing themselves at great danger when confronted with Israelis, Americans have come to learn they cannot depend on Washington to help them in such confrontations.  Witness the hopelessness in the Shapiro post here.  It’s interesting to note that Shapiro’s cargo that was interdicted by the Israelis included toys, medicines, toolkits, olive tree saplings, and one 50-kilo bag of cement.  This is the same relief effort that got Cynthia McKinney arrested, who said the cargo was mostly crayons for kids to draw; the point being there was nothing that could be even remotely considered threatening to the existence of Israel.  A simple check of the ship’s cargo by all the people assembled to block this one boat could have ascertained this more quickly and at less expense to US taxpayers than all the showboating and bluster put on by F16 overflights and the incarceration of those aboard.   Existential threats to Israel ceased long ago and what Israel seeks to do with it’s blockade of Gaza, an act of war, is to get Palestinians to leave Gaza, or at the very least accept serfdom under the authority of the Israeli government.

By accepting this 2nd class international relationship,  the US is giving up its claim to being a superpower and has become instead a super bitch to the Israeli war machine.  Even now the US Secretary of Defense is headed to Israel to hold talks with officials there about Iran.  There is no mutual give and take in the American-Israeli alliance there is only take on the part of the Israelis who leave even people of good will feeling utterly hopeless, and which makes Washington look increasingly more impotent.

Another Bad Bushism Bites the Dust

tariq ramadanNot that President Obama had anything to do with it, but a federal court has reversed a ruling against one Tariq Ramadan, who had been denied a visa to come to the US by the Bush Administration.  You can read about that decision here.  Ramadan had previously visited the US many times, but when the University of Notre Dame wanted to make him a tenured professor there, many within the political zionist movement, notably Daniel Pipes, would have none of that and so a well organized campaign began which resulted in the revocation/denial of a visit for Ramadan.  Oxford University snatched him up quickly, however, which proves this isn’t a fringe political hack we’re talking about in Ramadan.    What’s really happening  here is Islamophobes who are  trying to isolate Islamic thought from the main stream and keep it isolated,  feared and reviled; allowing Tariq Ramadan such a mainstream audience as Notre Dame in the heart of the midwest is anathema to political zionism’s goals of hate/fear based interaction with targeted religions such as Islam.  During the era of fear, accusations were made about or against people who were unable to counter those accusations or defend themselves against them in a court of law.  Witch hunts were carried out and people detained or denied their rights merely on the face of an accusation and without judicial recourse or review.  It remains to be seen whether Ramadan will be given a visa, but the ruling gives him a chance to defend himself in court and that’s what the Bill of Rights allows.

Israeli Disinformation in a Media Outlet You May Read or Watch

The Israeli government is clearly up to, planning,  attacks against some of its neighbors as it hypes up, read that lies, allegations about what they are doing.  First comes this incredible, un-sourced story, a former Revolutionary Guard member talks about deflowering Iranian girls who were to be executed.  Clearly this piece of work is aimed at legitimizing an Israeli attack on Iran.  It is doubly anonymously un-sourced so isn’t really worth the bandwidth it passes on, but it has already gotten play in such reputable places as here, although it’s good to see in the comments section people aren’t buying it as readily as some would like.

The next incredibly stupid story is this one about the Pope and the Vatican, which appeared here.  This story was so unbelievable that halfway through the article the writer seems to doubt the authenticity of what he/she’s writing about!  This second story is more insidious because it takes aim at both the Roman Catholic Church as well as Hizbollah.  Jews it seems are at war with both Christianity, that is the branch that’s not politically zionist leaning, as well as Islam, so both are fair game.  While you read this latest bunch of news emanating from Israel to cover Netanyahu’s belligerence towards his US sponsors, consider this: Israel is the only country in the Middle East and Europe that is a foreign occupier and which regularly wages war against its neighbors.  Murder is the engine that drives and gives meaning to the Israeli government.  Just ask the Palestinians.