Memory hole material-JOKE!

I’ve already commented before on the scam that was the new New York city terrorist bust of the pothead pseudo Muslims who were going to blow up Jewish synagogues and airplanes a la 911.  The New York Post reveals even more about these guys who were scammed while trying to scam.  The sad part about all this is how the FBI and US law enforcement burned bridges with the Muslim community throughout this once great Republic, either on purpose or by design, and how  this entire episode could have been avoided had they not done that.  It seems the leaders of the Muslim community in the cities and towns where the 4 defendants worshipped (?) told them to avoid the FBI’s informant repeatedly, and had taken steps to literally keep Maqsood, the informant,  out of the lives of their worshippers by banning him from houses of worship but their efforts were not successful.

This group of guys were worse than the Miami 7 who were recently convicted of their plot to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago.  Two of the four in New York are drug fiends and the third suffers from a bi-polar mental condition. Check out what their own family members and friends say about their tangential at best relationships with Islam and the informant.  It’s really a comedy of errors unparalleled in recent American Islamophobia journalism.

Baynes, 42, dated Cromitie — a career criminal who has been in jail more than 20 times — for six years. She said he converted to Islam during his last prison stint but wasn’t serious.

“James is a wannabe Muslim. He wasn’t real Muslin. He never prayed,” she said.

But during the course of the year, Maqsood kept trying to steer Cromitie down a path to jihad – giving him religious pamphlets, clothing and prayer rugs. In the end, it seemed that cash and gifts worked better.

She said Maqsood promised to get Cromitie jobs and once said he’d give him a black Mercedes Benz. On repeated occasions he gave Cromitie cameras, cash and even drugs.

Maqsood gave him a lot of marijuana,” she said.

Let’s not forget however, the precedent has already been set about drug wheeling and dealing Muslims.  Mohammad Atta was also a coke head who somehow was able to convince people of his sincerity towards Islam enough to identify him as a jihadist, so consuming large quantities of illegal drugs is somehow in the minds of most Americans equivalent to becoming a committed Muslim.  The fact that these guys were all gathered together the day of their planned terrorist plot, smoking weed and playing PlayStation is more a badge honor than an inconsistency when it comes to Muslim terrorists.  With a past President who it is slowly being revealed had the same inclinations before embarking on earth shattering events  is a sad  social commentary on todays America.  In any event, it’s quite funny reading and pathetic at the same time.  An FBI informant promises the disenfranchised the moon; a man they don’t know, have never met before, is able to influence them in a way a member of their own community who would have led them in prayer had they prayed, could not speaks volumes about the intellect of this party of men.  It is a sad commentary on where we are as a nation, and how law enforcement defines its role.

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