A thumbs up appointment

daliaGlad to see it, although I don’t know what it is she’ll be doing exactly. President Obama signed an executive order setting up a new body at the White House called the “Office of Religious Partnerships” to support religious institutions and strengthen inter-faith dialogue and government ties. The advisory group, consisting of 25 religious and secular representatives, is to report to the president on the role religion can play in resolving social problems and addressing civil rights issues. Dalia Mogahed, seen here on the left, has been given a position in the advisory group.  It’s really about time. This country is made up of many different types, shapes, colors, sizes of  individuals many of them not represented enough in our government, so it’s appropriate to see a Muslim woman who at least externally, takes her religion, way of life seriously.  I look forward to seeing and hearing a Muslim describe her own religion rather than have it filtered by someone who knows it but doesn’t live it. It’s time to remove the filters that have confined social discourse and let the “objects” speak for themselves.  I hope Ms. Mogahed can live up to what is really  a daunting task.