The West’s obssession with “radical” Islam

A few major newspapers, including one in my home town are giving out free copies, courtesy of a group called The Clarion Fund out of, where else, New York, entitled “Obssession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”.  I think it’s the “September surprise” of the political season, I don’t care what anyone else says about them revealing pictures of a recently killed Osama bin Ladin.  Of course this is meant to influence people to vote for a certain party in the elections and it’s shameful newspapers are hiding behind the First Amendment to push this garbage on the public.  The politics of fear, while subdued has not been totally eradicated from the American psyche.  I fired off a letter to the person in charge of such a poor decision in my hometown saying something to the effect that the Muslim community welcomes the opportunity to answer people’s questions about this movie, for they are bound to have some, and the movie gives Muslims an excellent opportunity to promulgate their faith and define it as they want to and not as some who are hostile to Islam want.  The response was a tepid thanks for my supporting the First Amendment.

Free speech is manipulated by the powers that be as either a weapon of oppression or to stifle dissent.  When it comes to religious expression two blog posts here have already pointed out how free speech was not even remotely considered when people expressed opinions that were against members of other religious faiths not Muslims, and had to pay a dear price for that, including jail and dismissal from their jobs.  What is  hoped is that Muslims will act in an inflammatory way that will wind up on the front pages of the newspapers disseminating this movie and further increase circulation.  Inevitably the bottom line is money, and someone at the Clarion Fund has enough money to satisfy the needs of an industry that’s losing readers.  It doesn’t matter who it is that’s responsible for this what matters is an American public finally getting back to normal from the nightmare of 911 and a disastrous war, because they see hope for change and realize Muslims in their midst are not out to seek their destruction once again are faced with this made up crisis.  As always, I want to contribute to free speech by posting a link to one of the installments of the video on  I encourage any and all to view all of the segments posted there, and then find your nearest Muslim community and ask them questions about everything in the movie.  I assure you they won’t bite and you might come away feeling quite comfortable with the fact that they are your neighbors.