The price you pay for diligence in Israel is terrorism

I am never surprised at the inhumanity of the Israeli killing machine.  What does surprise me is how well it’s covered up and passed over by the entire world community.  Almost no one wants to talk about or expose the atrocities taking place at the hands of the utterly lawless Israeli military community.  This latest news item is as disgusting as all the rest.

We all remember this video of the bound and blindfolded Palestinian man in Israeli custody who was shot at point blank range by an Israeli soldier.  At the time of this occurrence/atrocity my only reaction was he should be thankful he wasn’t shot and killed. (Enter ‘palestinian shot by israeli soldier’ for a video search and you’ll get 105 hits, some of them of fatalities) What didn’t even cross my mind was the origins of the video and the person who shot and exposed it.  Now, her story has come to light and it’s as dastardly a story as the events videotaped.  There’s no doubt this story will not get the attention katusha rockets shot onto Israeli territory receive and more than likely one of the members of this family will wind up dead and their death equally ignored but Salam Amira is a mujahidah in every sense of the word as well as a victim of Israeli terrorism.  Would that we could convince George Bush to wage one of his divinely inspired wars on terrorism against them.