Shooting news-again

Two very tragic stories to report about people and handguns and how the two sometimes end up in disastrous situations.  If you’re going to get a handgun or weapon of any kind please know how to carry yourselves with it and remember dont’ ever do what you see people do on television!

The first story is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where a pharmacist shot a robber as he and his cohort in crime attempted to rob a pharmacy,  chased the robber’s accomplice, returned and shot the prone robber again, five more times, killing him!  It also happened that the robber shot was unarmed, while the armed robber escaped and hadn’t been caught.  The pharmacist claims he was grazed by a bullet fired by the robber, but prosecutors say there was no evidence the robbers fired a weapon; it would be interesting to see if Jerome Ersland, the pharmacist suffered any wounds from the encounter.  Ersland claims he shot the robber to protect himself and several other people who were in the store at the time, but the district attorney asks why did he leave the fallen robber, who had no weapon, on the floor to chase the armed robber outside of the store?  Good question!  In this arm chair quarterback’s opinion, Mr. Ersland would have had a stronger case for not leaving his business and keeping an eye on the victim, yes, even covered him with his weapon, rather than walk past him twice before shooting him again.  I also agree with the DA who said the first shot was on the law as it were, ok for Ersland to fire because he was accosted by armed men, but once the threats were removed, he couldn’t seriously claim he was in fear for his life or for the lives of others in the store.  He should therefore be prosecuted.

The second story however is far more tragic than even the one above. An off duty New York City police officer was shot by a fellow officer as he, the victim, pursued someone who had broken into his car.  Unfortunately, he was running after the perpetrator with his service weapon drawn, and happened to catch the eye of a plain clothes fellow officer who fatally shot him.  In a city like New York, it’s probably not very smart to run around with a handgun in your hand in plain view to everybody, unless you’re wearing a law enforcement uniform so that wasn’t a very smart thing to do.  I don’t particularly like the idea of plain clothes officers confronting people on the street unless they make it very clear to someone that they are law enforcement officers, otherwise any confrontation could end up deadly, as it did in this case. I do believe this was an accident,  despite the racial overtones,  victim was black and the shooter was white, and the sloppy police work of the shooting officer,   that could have probably been avoided if the deceased hadn’t drawn  his firearm and run down the street chasing a petty burglar.  There won’t be a prosecution in this case and an innocent life was lost; my heart goes out to the family.