Is an attack on Iran imminent?

The conventional wisdom is such an attack will take place at anytime by either America, Israel, any other member of the world community or all of the above. However, look closely at the language used by a belligerent Israeli spokesperson.

An Israeli minister on Saturday accused the international community of failing to halt Iran’s nuclear drive and the West of being “resigned” to Tehran’s development of nuclear weapons.”My feeling is that the enlightened Western world — and I don’t know if it still is — is resigned to the development of a nuclear bomb in Iran,” Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer told Israeli public radio.

He accused the international community of limiting its response to Tehran’s accelerating nuclear programme to “words” alone.He added that the Islamic republic “only understands one language” and that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has repeatedly predicted Israel’s demise, is “laughing at the whole world.”

“We must tell them: ‘If you so much as dream of attacking Israel, before you even finish dreaming there won’t be an Iran anymore,'” he said.

Ben-Eliezer insisted he was not advocating a preventive military strike on Iran but said “Iran should know the price it will have to pay when it begins to think concretely about attacking Israel.”

Of course there was the usual linking of interests between Israel and the US and the accompanying sycophantic acknowledgment of America’s importance in this relationship, but the wiggle room is obvious and big enough to drive a tractor trailer through. Seeing such talk makes me think there is something to some people’s prediction there won’t be a war on the Iranian front.

The US and human rights

Since 911, many would argue the US has neglected the rights of its own citizens.  However, now there is rather ominous news it’s decided to disregard the rights of humanity in general, using as a pretext the absence of international bodies to bend to its will.  Recent saber rattling by the US and its allies vis-a-vis Iran as well as the American attitude about its occupation of Iraq don’t bode well for the international community and its observance of human rights.

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