A rationale approach to Israeli political influence on American politics

Some of the suggestions in this piece may be a bit over the top for a few readers, but none of them are existential threats to Israel. In fact some of them when applied in other cases have gone on to produce legitimate forms of government where there were none before, including perhaps, America?! I’d like to highlight just a few which I think are applicable to the goal of reducing Israeli hegemony and oppression, in America and the Middle East.

Organize a campaign to withdraw investments in US companies that supply the Israeli regime with weapons of mass destruction, construction equipment to extend Israeli colonization of Palestine………

Legislation should be passed barring individuals who hold dual-citizenship (Israeli-US), especially those connected with the military-intelligence networks from holding sensitive positions in the government or controlling the political party nomination process……..

Organize to eliminate Israel’s special privileges in tax exemption, trade, technology, and citizenship which burdens US taxpayers, increases Israeli competitiveness at the expense of US producers and facilitates Israeli emigration at the expense of other groups…….

Convert the issue of the US-Israeli claim of nuclear dangers resulting from Iranian uranium enrichment into a more consequential and general demand to turn the entire Middle East into a nuclear free zone….

Organize boycotts and campaigns to demand that local, regional, and national mass media outlets report and interview Israeli critics as well as its spokespeople….

Legislation should be supported which bars individuals with dual citizenship and therefore dual loyalties from holding executive or legislative positions in the government….

Support legislation revoking the citizenship of individuals who enlist or engage in military activity for a foreign government….

Legislation should be presented and veterans’ groups of all wars should be mobilized to demand Congressional hearings on the Israeli bombing of the US surveillance ship Liberty with prime witnesses among our naval survivors….

Unfortunately, the key to many of these proposals is “legislation” which involves a branch of government that is at the moment committed to the unquestionable support of the very government these proposals want to affect, making it highly unlikely any of these steps will see the light of day.

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