The Republican Party neither needs nor wants Donald Trump any more yet he continues to get in their way #goodRiddance #GOPBetrayedAmerica #NotMyPresident

Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people. The ultimate narcissist and the American fascist party are at odds with one another over who will be the ascendant fringe of American politics.

Trump, once the darling of the GOP because of his boorish, nasty behavior towards Republican opponents paved the way in promoting the Party’s philosophy of autocratic oligarchy using schtick and bravado that attracted votes yet distracted people from the dangers of Republican politics. Now, however after a disappointing mid term the Party wants to divorce itself from a man who won’t take “no” for an answer.

What do people expect from a narcissist Donald Trump? The Party wrapped themselves up in his personality. They gave him free reign to redesign their Party anyway he wanted as long as he was winning but didn’t figure out how to install a kill switch to turn him off when needed. The Party fell, just like countless other Americans, to Trump’s ability to sell himself despite the disastrous track record he has left in his wake. Now, the debt has to be paid and it started with the mid terms.

Like so many financial lending institutions, the Party’s leadership has decided to throw Trump under the bus and not give him the credit he thinks he deserves. Calls for him to keep quiet, stay away and otherwise disengage from Party politics are being sent by all the signalers of the Party. Whether Trump listens is another matter. He has already sent signals he will announce a reelection bid in the near future. I hope that announcement means the Party will engage in this internecine fight between a suicidal Trump and an autocratic, derelict party hell bent on controlling American politics until the Party implodes. It has become an irrelevant, irreverent party that has no place in a modern, 21st century, diverse republic.

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