Herschel Walker is not your typical black man living in America

Donald Trump and Herschel Walker together during their time with the New Jersey Generals

Maybe it has something to do with the fact he sits on the right hand of a benefactor who’s determined to see him take a job he’s not even remotely qualified for. It might have something to do with the fact Walker so closely mirrors the foibles, mistakes, the criminal behavior and incessant lying of Trump. That must be the only reason he still has viability as a senatorial candidate. Usually, people don’t get away with the things Walker has done like assaulting women, lying about his resume, or even worse lying about children he has fathered or ignored and all on a public stage but certainly not black men. Yet there are people in authority who consider him legitimate and a viable candidate for the job of US Senate.

For the entirety of his public life, Walker has been a tool used by rich powerful men and institutions for purposes that solely benefited them. He has been given opportunities that most never have. That fact doesn’t bother those who’ve used him; they are perfectly fine with that. In fact, they line up to use him for their own purposes when their predecessors are finished with him. So after being used by the University of Georgia, he was picked up by a nascent football league commandeered by Donald Trump to compete with the NFL. Now, he’s being used by Trump again who once owned the team Walker played for to disrupt the Republican Party to fashion it in his, Trump’s, image.

Walker’s professional life may have been marked with some successes but his personal, private life is a hot mess. He’s assaulted multiple women, including his ex-wife and lied about his paternity of children, now up to four from four different women. He’s lied about his career resume, saying at one time he got his degree from UGA to managing hospitals, all proven lies. Yet he still is in the running against Raphael Warnock and there’s really only one reason why. He is a tool for the only president in American history to be twice impeached and who is currently under investigation for a host of crimes.

Walker is being used by Trump, for the moment to redesign, reshape the Republican Party in his image to become the party of American fascism. There are all sorts of groups that will fall under that umbrella, from the virulently racists KKK, to the corporate elites who see America as a limitless supply of cheap labor class who will struggle to buy whatever consumer goods branded with enticing names. (Remember Trump steaks?) All this is being driven by a man with an ego the size of America who is presently being investigated for crimes ranging from tax evasion up to possible espionage and who has never been held accountable for what he’s done in his past.

Trump has enlisted the right man for the job of further lowering American standards and degrading the electoral process. Walker is uneducated in general and uninitiated in the political sabotage that’s swirling around him at the moment. He’s too stupid to see that whether he succeeds or fails is entirely irrelevant. For now he’s a political balloon being floated before the American electorate to see America’s tolerance for corruption. It appears the tolerance level for it is quite high. Trump’s candidacy proved America will tolerate criminal behavior if it comes from a perspective that scratches the nativist white itch of the country. Walker however is different than Trump because he’s a scary black man with imagery that instinctively frightens white America. He’s fathered (raped) children with white women and not taken care of them (The women and his children have said this) and he’s seeking to gain admission into a club, the halls of power, that he’s not at all qualified for. That these were once excuses to deny African-Americans access to jobs and privileges in America is being totally ignored by white Republicans who insist the only thing that matters is reaching a “number” in the Senate that can give them power. Even the idea that Walker be that number reminds one of a time when white people detested the idea that the work force reflect a certain “number” of candidates. However all the objections of the past about African-American perceived behavior are thrown out the window with Walker.

Lindsay Graham back during the 2016 campaign season said if the Republican party embraced Trump it would be the end of the party. The GOP has seen a steady decline in the relevancy it might have once held in American politics because of Trump. His promoting Walker’s imploding campaign is one more nail in the GOP’s coffin . Walker has led a life that is inconsistent with the pro-life and being connected to family “values” of the Party. The same could be said about Donald Trump but Walker cannot get away with the deception of Trump because Walker is black. The real issue is, however, no matter how glaring his sins are he should not get away with them because they are wrong and inconsistent with the tenets of a decent society that’s based on equitably applied standards. Walker still remains a candidate for Senate and will likely get a substantial number of votes. The fact that he is still in the race and still has the support of powerful white people is proof positive he is not your typical black man living in America.