It’s open season on black males when you are a police officer

Mike Brown was shot and killed by a police officer while his hands were raised in the air.  Levar Jones was shot, but fortunately not killed, by a state trooper while his hands were raised in the air and now Jamal Jones was tasered and forcibly removed from a vehicle he wasn’t driving for not exiting the car into a throng of waiting Hammond, Indiana police.  The last two cases were videoed either by the police or someone else involved in the incident and the video shows how police are so capricious with the lives and rights of African-American men, even when they know they are being videotaped.  The driver of the car Jamal Jones was a passenger in was stopped because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt; Jones was and he produced the identification requested when asked by the police but because of a prior offense he was not in possession of a driver’s license; because he didn’t move as quickly or as obsequiously as authority demanded he was assaulted, tasered and arrested for just that reason and no other.  Jones wasn’t argumentative, nor loud, nor profane, nor disrespectful and never a threat to anyone, lest of all the officers on scene………two children were in the car with him and the driver of the vehicle who was on the phone with police dispatch to express her fear about the confrontation she was having at that moment with the police…..but Jones was assertive in making his point and black people are not supposed to be assertive except when they are allowed to be.  Check out the video below

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