Do you really think he cares?

Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of child in crosshairs of his rifle


The Israeli who photographed an apparent Palestinian unawares boy that is. The Israeli soldier posted this picture on his instagram photo of a child in the crosshairs of his scoped rifle.  I’m sure Mor Ostrovski knows nothing of significance will happen to him…oh,sure he has closed his account on Instagram and the military is “investigating” but it’s rare if ever that anything happens to soldiers who post things the government of Israel doesn’t want the outside world to know it foments.  Nisim AsisTake this picture of one Nisim Asis with the caption, ‘Fuck all Arabs their blood is tasty’. The problem for the Israelis is not that they have people who blatantly believe in the genocide of another race of people, the problem is the unfiltered internet that lets their partisans post this stuff.

The problem really is that Israel through its wars of aggression is increasingly becoming a pariah state with a rogue military that has enablers in all areas of government that gloss over its excesses.  Israel can no longer even attempt to hang on its shoulders the mantle of justly fighting for its self defense after the atrocities it has committed throughout Palestine and especially perennially, Gaza.

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