Another dose of reality

I really believe in the inherent good of humankind….but there is also an inherent evil that can overtake and even surpass our divinity.  We chronicled just the other day how something as innocent as starting one’s car can ignite a firestorm in the eyes of some.  water fountain
Perhaps one might say that Janelle Ambrosia of the infamous Cheektowaga, NY meltdown has a mental defect or disease and isn’t in full control of her senses and I might be inclined to agree…however the vitriol she spewed far exceeds mental illness, rather it is a sociopathic illness that permeates American culture and this latest example in Memphis, Tennessee shows how widespread the pathology is in this country.

If this country doesn’t learn how to exorcise this cancer from its midst it will consume and destroy us.  We’ve seen examples of it in our past where the destruction and annihilation of America was imminent; if we don’t learn from that history we are doomed to repeat and perhaps even exceed it.  Fix this America!racism

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