This is today’s America- I say, I say, what?!?!

You’re at your local shopping area and pretty pleased with the purchases you just made…perhaps even saving a little money and are now on your way home.  You get into your car and start the engine, aware of the surroundings and especially the family that is passing by your car at a leisure pace.  You wait for them to get out of the way so that you can back up and get home to delve into your newly acquired things….but wait.  That family you noticed wants to leave you with a parting shot


You forgot, or maybe you didn’t, that there’s such a thing as DWB and something as innocent as starting your car is usually offensive to some people…offensive enough for them to launch into a sociopathic tirade.  This is today’s America and if you don’t think we’ve got a problem with race you are extremely insulated.  You can read about it and hear what both sides have to say about it here.


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