More airplane news

It’s amazing what takes place in today’s post 911 world.  It seems people all over the world have been struck with the disease of stupidity.  Take for example this story coming out of Europe, the land of the world’s last two major wars.

Sunday morning, a teenager named Sarah allegedly took to Twitter and tweeted the following threat to American Airlines:



American Airlines responded with the following:



Good for American Airlines, one of the airlines that suffered the most on that day of infamy in 2001.  Their no nonsense approach will hopefully help land this poster in jail and if she doesn’t go to jail then her guardian should for allowing such a monumentally stupid act to be perpetuated. I hope authorities aren’t put off with her excuse that white people aren’t terrorists.

US Air pornOne another note is the embarrassing tweet made on the account of US Airways in response to a customer complaint.  It wasn’t what was said on the 120 character app it was the picture (above) that was displayed.  How the pornographic image made it on US Airways is a sleuthing story worthy of the best espionage novel but fortunately US Air is only guilty of  not taking it down before it could be captured on the ‘net for all to see.    It’s pathetic to see such disregard and disrespect for an industry associated with one of the most horrific acts of modern civilization.

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