This is not how a law abiding gun owner should behave

Todd Canady is not a very bright individual. In fact for those of us who believe, in a practical way, in the 2nd amendment he might very well be our worse enemy.   Mr. Canady was supposedly a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit, but in the blink of an eye became a felon and has gone on to give those of us who own firearms a bad reputation, especially after the massacre in Aurora last week.

Canady was the victim of an accidental discharge of the weapon he was legally carrying, but unfortunately for him the errant shot injured him and others in a shopping center check out lane.  Afterwards, he limped, ran, walked away from the scene of his “accident’ whereby he was apprehended by an off duty police officer.   It appears Canady’s weapon fired when he was reaching for his wallet to pay for a purchase, which leads me to think he doesn’t know the difference between his wallet and his gun, but what’s worse is he was/is not familiar enough with his weapon to know how to carry it.  While I’m happy he followed the law and got a CCW license, he should have been equally astute enough to know the firearm he was carrying….its idiosyncrasies as well as its safety features.  Lastly, after an AD in public, don’t run….especially if you or someone else was injured by your mistake.  Make safe your weapon, own up to your mistake and wait for law enforcement officials to come to do whatever it is they do.  Running is not a good thing to do.

I guess we’re lucky that during a political season, folks running for office are not using tragedies like this one and the one in Aurora as well as countless others to score points for gun control, but with people like Canady they don’t need to say or do anything we will be disgusted enough to call for the very restrictions pols want.  If you’re ever in Dallas and see the face of the man above, run!


The tragedy in Aurora

Another tragedy has occurred on our shores where innocent lives were taken by a deranged killer.  No motive has been suggested for why these people lost their lives seated in a movie theater watching the latest Batman movie, but this horrendous crime happened just days after America’s blowhard, Rush Limbaugh made some really asinine comments about the  movie and politics.

A lot of people are going to see the movie, and it’s a lot of brain-dead people, entertaining the pop-culture crowd. And they’re going to hear ‘Bane’ in the movie and they’re going to associate ‘Bain’ and the thought is that when they start paying attention to the campaign later in the year and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain, not Bain Capital, Romney and Bain that these people will think back to the bad man.


Very few people have put two and two together and associated Limbaugh’s comments with the Aurora tragedy except Big Dan.

Recall that Rush told his brain-dead, gun-loving audience that this Movie was going to be viewed by millions who would be brainwashed to avoid voting for Romney (therefor leaving Obama in office) because Americans are too stupid to distinguish Bane from Bain. Was Rush giving instructions to his listeners to take it upon themselves to frighten would-be movie-goes from seeing the movie? When Rush tells his audience that a movie can change the election results, his listeners believe it’s true. Rush is in fact the person who promoted this alleged connection of Bane to Bain in the popular media more than any human on earth.

I would wager that this gunman is a loyal Rush listener, and was compelled to take action by Rush’s conspiracy theory rant. This is the danger – when Politics becomes Reality. When these brainwashers have the power to compel their listeners to ACT based on a totally contrived and FALSE REALITY, real world events can and do result. But Rush didn’t actually tell his listeners to take guns into the Batman screening and shoot parents and children – did he?


Limbaugh makes inflammatory statements and rarely gets called on them but the timing of this latest criminal act of murder makes Limbaugh’s broadcasts as criminal.

Finally, to the insane right wing of America that wants to attribute all of America’s problems to immigrants, from the President on down to Muslim toting Shariah law Americans there’s this about whodunit

As tragic as a mass shooting is, it’s even worse when it’s done by a Muslim.  Not because the victims are any more dead or because it’s even worse for their families.  No, it’s that if it were a Muslim we’d see heightened public safety alerts, the mobilization of the entire security apparatus, probably some sort of mucking about with drones on the other side of the world, etc.  Especially since the shooter reportedly used some sort of gas, i.e a chemical weapon.  If a Muslim killed more than 14 people with a gun and a chemical weapon, the country would be on some sort of lock-down.

Also, if it were done by a Muslim, we’d see heightened scrutiny of people who happen to be of the same faith, or happen to be from the same part of the world, or even happen to just look like a stereotype of people from that part of the world.  When a non-Muslim shoots somebody, the cops investigate the shooter.  When a Muslim shoots somebody, the FBI wiretaps mosques nationwide.


That sums it up for me.