I thought Greece was facing an economic meltdown? So how are they able to afford hassling non-violent members of the Gaza flotilla

with silly useless charges like disturbing sea traffic and disobeying orders to LEAVE Greece?  As a Gaza flotilla prepares to set off for Gaza it seems they’ve become the center of Greece’s attention, despite the fact the country is nearly bankrupt and economically insolvent.  Greece is still able to find the money and the man power to prevent a group of people from leaving the country….(at who’s expense?) and set sail for Gaza.  Of course we know the answer to this cui bono, but it underscores two realities.  One, when you’re facing money problems you risk the potential for interference in your internal affairs by an opportunistic entity such as Israel, and two the maniacal obsession Israel has for eliminating any opposition, peaceful or otherwise to anything it does.



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