Weiner’s lying demeanor

Some people can get away with the most ignominious of crimes with the simple excuse the devil made me do it.  Flip Wilson used that line for years as a comedian and got plenty of laughs with it, but it’s not funny now in regards to Anthony Weiner who has decided to get help in order to be a better husband and a healthier person.  What kind of help that is, or where he’s going, news reports don’t say and they needn’t.  Whatever he does short of resigning, something most members of the Democratic party’s higher echelon have called for, will not satisfy the cries for his immediate departure nor will justice be served.  I don’t care that most of his constituents want him to stay, the irritating and common thread of his story and the many that have gone before him is the idea that he is otherwise perfect but is now  somehow sick and needs help, that his actions weren’t calculated and well thought out but rather impulsive or due to a suddenly appearing imperfection that can be cured.  It’s really an arrogant excuse that inherently places the one that uses it above everyone else, chosen as it were to be head and shoulders above all others but who has now suffered a fall from Grace. The imperfection that drove Weiner to descend into the bowels of humanity to this recent bad judgment is  simply his  humanity.  We all have given in to the dark side of human behavior in one way or another, either grandiosely or insignificantly and thereby acted inappropriately by some measure or other, but such lapses in moral judgment come with a price….especially for those who are in the public eye.

Moreover, why is Weiner dragging himself, his family his colleagues and his constituents through all this drama and revelation about his embarrassing behavior.  What is it about a person that makes them so insensitive to the pain they cause others even at their own expense that they inflict this emotional trauma upon themselves and by extension us repeatedly?  Perhaps it is the same ethos that drives them towards the political and very public spotlight.  Conversely, it is the personality trait that leads to their downfall. Weiner isn’t sick, he just let run loose inhibitions he didn’t want to control.  In that sense he’s just like everyone else and equally he must face the consequences of his actions.  Kudos to a unified Democratic party leadership that is calling for his resignation.  It’s sad scandal united the Democratic party;that seems to be the way of politics these days.  Weiner go home and stay there!

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