Is the Quran more violent than the Bible?

Over the past decade the public has been regaled with the notion that Muslims are violent because their religious scripture incites them towards such violence.  Muslims on the other hand claim that their violence is in reaction to aggression or that acts of terrorism are misplaced by individuals who don’t understand their religion.

A Christian scholar asks and answers the question of which religious scripture is more violent and you can listen to his answer here.  Listen carefully for the Biblical equivalent of terrorism; the commentator uses the term “genocide” to describe the Bible’s answer, herem,  to violence and the course it has taken over the millennium as it has been interpreted and practiced by its followers. It is a methodology practiced by the Israelis against the Palestinians and resembles the catastrophes brought on by numerous American presidents against native Americans, Hitler’s genocide against the Jews and an even more modern day and relevant genocide against Iraqis.

2 thoughts on “Is the Quran more violent than the Bible?”

  1. Well I don’t know about the Bible or the Quran, but I do know for a fact that Christians, Jews and Buddhist (not to mention secular people) are presently performing very few acts of terrorism and oppression, while many muslims are.

    Probably most Muslims are just ordinary religious folks, probably more ardent, the Christians and with a more unpleasant view on women rights, punishment (sharia) a.s.o. than the Christian sphere, but I guess that will work out in maybe 500 years, or so…

  2. The fact that the Bible contains many instances of insane violence and genocide is a well-known fact . . . after all, the chosen people were urged to invade the promised land and kill the locals to make room . . .

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