Why Guantanamo will remain open for business

It’s almost a given, what ever the federal government assemblies, it won’t dismantle.  Gitmo Bay is no different, so whatever campaign comes along and promises you it will be closed, you can bet they are lying.  Obama is no different.  Although time (he’s been in office almost two years and nothing has happened)  is a contributing factor why we know he won’t close it  here’s another reason why.

Deprive a man of any and all contact with the outside world for eight years in the conditions we’ve all come to know exist in Gitmo Bay, including torture, death, and everything else revealed since the camp was formed and offer him the one sliver of hope of freedom that if he confesses to any and everything he will be set free to join his family is there anyone in this world who thinks he won’t confess?  Anyone?  So binLadin’s cook/security man has confessed to aiding al Qaida, the US gets its justification to keep Gitmo open to protect us from the evils of terrorism and Ibrahim al-Qosi gets to go home to his family and resume what’s left of a shattered life.  A win-win situation for all but the American people who have once again been lied to by a politician who thinks it far better to invest in and protect government than  the people who elect government.  Do we not get what we deserve?

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