Another Henry Gates story, only worse

It’s days like this when I really think America would be better off without police, and especially bad police.  We have the 2nd amendment which assures every American the right to arm himself, and therein be able to protect him/herself, so what else do we need?  Oh, it probably is necessary  to have a judge adjudicate those sticky ‘he said, she said’ cases, but police who think they are better than the average citizen or feel they have special powers over and above those of everyday citizens are really a hindrance to the well being of society, and not a protector.  People have got to stop thinking of police as their personal saviors.

Wayne Burwell was  in his own home, minding his own business when police broke into his home, arrested and dragged him outside  where incredulous neighbors who knew him rushed to his defense and in turn were threaten by police as well.  What kind of sense does that make?  Even one of his neighbors, a retired policeman tried to vouch for Burwell and was told to butt out or face arrest.  Maybe Burwell’s problem is he looked  out of place in that neighborhood or maybe because of his physical condition he didn’t respond quickly enough to officers’ demands but whatever the case he was assaulted in his own home and arrested.

Perhaps someone can tell me how that happens in modern day America; maybe you know how it came to pass that police were called to a scene by someone other than the homeowner, entered the home where they discovered the homeowner who they subsequently arrested with some degree of violence attached to the arrest and then later had to release.  I don’t understand that principle at all.

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