When is a political massacre not an act of terrorism?

When it’s done by Christian or Jewish individuals or states!  Perhaps it’s because the perpetrator of this latest  massacre which resulted in the deaths of 57 people in a battle line state/ally in the “war on terror” was not the typical suspect we associate with acts of terror and therefore it can’t be qualified as terrorism?  In answer to the oft raised claim that all acts of terrorism are only done by Muslims, in the Phillipines this week, the deaths of 57 people at the hands of one group was not done by Muslims but rather a family linked to the President of the Phillipines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Consequently it has become, rightfully so, a gruesome act unfathomable, yet devoid of the religious screeching that usually accompanies reporting on crimes done by Muslims.  Even Michelle Malkin your virulent Islamophobe is silent about this heinous crime that was committed in her native Phillipines because she can’t blame the usual suspects.  Pity that.

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