Cable TV and terrorism

A court in New York state has sentenced a man to almost six years in prison for placing Manar television on the cable satellite  system he operated.  The prosecution alleged Manar television through Javed Iqbal 45 year old  Pakistani immigrant living in the US since  he was a teenager  ran a

“sophisticated terrorist organization in all respects,” which had used its 24-hour channel to recruit members and suicide bombers and to raise money for weapons and operations.“He was, in a very real sense, Hezbollah’s man in New York City,” Mr. Snyder (federal prosecutor, Eric Snyder)  said.

It leads me to wonder how long will it be before the government goes and tracks down the people who subscribed to Manar television to charge them with crimes as well?  I would also think, using that same logic one could make the case for increased violence in American society is due to the influence of television and therefore broadcasters are some how legally responsible?  But that argument has been rejected for many years now except when it applies to terrorist broadcasters such as Manar.  Did the government point to any one crime on America’s shores that was inspired by Manar’s broadcasts? Did they even prove or show intent that a crime was going to be perpetuated against Americans here or abroad as a result of a Manar tv program? No….they didn’t have to.  It was sufficient enough to say because the entity is deemed terrorist by the government no one has the legal right to access it.  Draconian?  You betcha.  How long will it be before other forms of information are similarly branded and made off limits to the public at the expense of imprisonment?  Stay tuned.  For now, Mr. Iqbal’s adult entertainment channels are still accessible to the viewing public so grab your popcorn and anything else you can get your hands on and enjoy, without fear.

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