Donald Trump has a long sordid history of criminal behavior and misleading statements or lies

So whenever we highlight what’s going on today as a result of Trump behavior one should know there is a long, detailed history of his abuses that can explain what it is that motivates him today. That said, I read with interest the article in today’s Washington Post that claimed

The operation was known for being slow on election nights and at times disorganized, problems that had been a matter of eye-rolling until 2020, when Trump began predicting a rigged election and his followers began seeing every mishap as suspicious.

seemingly to imply that the issues in a rural Georgia elections office were responsible for Trump citing his claim that voter fraud existed in the 2020 elections. As we know, nothing could be further from the truth. Trump claimed voter fraud previously during the 2016 campaign

Trump added to the list during the rally, claiming that “people that died 10 years ago” and undocumented immigrants are casting votes in elections, even though local jurisdictions are supposed to regularly update their voter rolls and only U.S. citizens can register to vote in presidential elections. At other rallies, Trump has told his supporters to go to polling locations on Election Day and watch for fraud, which some voting rights advocates worry could lead to voter intimidation

and that claim persisted even after he won in 2016. Later as POTUS he went on to have a commission set up to look into voter fraud. Remember that? That attempt to establish voter fraud ended with the conclusion that there was no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud.

So why does Trump insist on lying about the elections? The only reason he makes these wild claims is because for now he’s not able to have poll results giving him a 100% voter approval for his candidacy. Anything less than that means there is voter fraud, even if he wins. Remember, Trump loves fascist dictators who can single handedly determine election results and make wild claims of 99% approval of an electorate that in reality despises the lying victor. Such is the narcissistic behavior of the 45th president. It will forever be a stain on the history of America.

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